IXS European Cup Race // Downhill // Maribor

Na Bumm“ these words describe my weekend best.

A long time ago I saved the date in my Google calendar „Maribor IXS European race -13-15 April “ and my boyfriend kept asking me if I will go or not and until the last possible second I couldn’t tell him. I was so unsure and worried about so many things. Like did I spent enough time on my DH bike? Will I do all the jumps? Will I be capable to do this? Questions I normally thinking about but not kept me away from trying.

But then my racer heart couldn’t resist and went. Afterwards, I am happy that I said YES to all the challenges, stress, the great track and seeing all the old World cup friends. Because this race wasn’t like a normal IXS race. All the top WC riders came I guess because of the following World Cup in Croatia and it was great. I had so much fun and I like the track very much. I raced many times here so I could remember very well. Some new bits of course but not so much different than the years before.

My practice went well and I apart from the jumps I felt good. The weather was great and it was nice to meet other racer girls again. In my qualification run, I tested myself and my strength and was happy that all worked out how I wanted. But I have to be honest I wasn’t ready for the jumps something stopped me and I said to myself next time. In my race run, I gave all and improved my time by 15 seconds and ended up on the 19th spot. I am was happy with my race run and the weekend.