Maribor World cup : Get dirty…

So this weekend the World cup in Maribor was going on. So Markus, Caroline Buchanan her boyfriend Barry Nobels, my mechanics Martin and Lukas and I were there. It was raining nearly all the time non stop. The track got every run worse but still ride able. So I enjoyed it. Just on friday my second run I felt hard on my head and had a concussion. But the time was pushing. The world cup time table is so packed that you don’t have time for things like this or technical problems. So I waited one hour until my headache stopped and went up again for another run. I cleared all the jumps I wanted to and so I moved on the 4x practice and four cross qualify. I got in the top 16th for the next day with my 12th place. Was allright- I was happy. So the next day in the morning my headache returned I had to kick myself to get out of bed I was so tired. But I got up and did one training run. For my surprise I felt very good and was looking forward to my qualify run. At 12 o clock i went up to the start. I could feel the stress of the girls and you could see it in their faces. I was totally calm. I havn’t felt that for a long time. people who saw me told me I looked fast, so yes my run went perfect …UNTIL I had to pass two girls in front of me and I choosed the worse place to pass- in the rock garden where you normally struggle without having one person lying a cross the track and at an off camber root section. I was yelling at them, I am sure they heard me but didn’t move on or made the way free. So I nearly crashed in her. She was so slow and I can’t understand why she didn’t stop and make the way free. Because when some passing you you will never make it in the top 20 anyway…. When I passed them I still got my best but at the end i lost to much seconds because of these two passing maneuvers.
So yes 27th at the end and not competing on Sunday.
After qualy i jumped back on my 4x bike for training and the race. My first heat was very difficult. I raced against 3 worldcup winners. So not easy at all. Anneke Berten, Jana Horokova, Jana Laboukava. My gate wasn’t very good but I kept up well with them. At the end Jana crashed and I passed her, but still not 2nd and so Jana and I were out.Next stopp is Koppl a 4x race in Austria.

bye bye LEne