NIVA – No Diva

So finally I relaunched my new website. In the world of tablets, smart phones and the social media overkill it was necessary.

What have happened since new years. Quite a lot.

I have some sponsor changes and some totally new sponsors. I left the Hayes Group or more they had to leave me. So I have now e*thirteen wheels, cranks and chain guides for my DH Bike. I have also a new SIXPACK – RACING cockpit  new stem, new bright neon yellow handle bars and new grips – actually my favorite once – I like it thin. I also left Michelin and riding now Maxxis tires. I  ride now for BABY- G the watch company and Troy Lee Designs.

I stil with Alutech, Acros, DIRTY, R.S.P. , Carbocage, Iriedaily,  Dr. Martins Coco Juice, SPY Optics and Giro Shoes.

I am also still with Alutech Cycles, but they changed the team members so Michèle Quint is riding now with me and we are the women team from Alutech called NIVA . I didn’t know Michèle very much, just from seeing on festivals. So I travelled with my boyfriend and another friend to Portugal to take part at her Surfing / Biking camp. So I could get to know her better and see how we come along with each other. That was very important for me because after some disillusioning experiences with some other riders I am became very careful with whom I work together and plan things. I have learned at the end everyone looks after themselves first.

But to sum it up I am very happy to have her as a team maid and the 2 weeks proved that we on the same vibes. I had great week so much laughing, riding and surfing together. The tracks were nice we had a very helpful and funny driver / guide. We rode in San Miguel Bike park (near Faro) and also in in the mountains of Monchique. The surf house was nice , just a little bit crowded but nice.


For FULL HD you have to watch in on vimeo directly.

Portugal Trip

And after my nice holiday I had some photoshoot going in on for Shimano. Can’t really say much about it – It was just great – nice crew- nice weather – nice hotels- good food. okay not so much riding but still wonderful to be in the mountains with shorts.


In the mean time until my first race in Winterberg (Ger). Until this I have to do my homework like every year. Gates, Sprints, Gym, Jumping and getting better and faster.

see you on the track Helene












NNDsmall (9 von 17)

Niva are two MTB loving women, who found it each other by fluke. Michèle searched for a new frame sponsor and I was already riding for this brand. So Michèle and I started to train together and found out that they match also perfectly business wise so they started their own projects.

What message does NIVA want to transport?

There are many messages, but basically NIVA wants to get more woman into the Mountainbike sport and support them through their camps and knowledge.

Which kind of women they wanted to reach NIVA:

  • between 15 – 50
  • mind opened , dynamic, sportive, ready to step up the game
  • women, who want to reach more in every facet of life and want to step up their riding level even if they are beginners or already racers.
  • Women, who want to learn from women and being surrounded by professionals with a lot of experience, well educated and with the extra drive to let them feel awesome.


NIVA plans for 2016 … stay tuned:

  • Classic Women Camp
  • Race Women Camp
  • Holiday Women Camp (Portugal Surf / Ride Week)
  • Preseason Training Camp (to get fit and ready for the season)
  • Community Rides (Whistler Train with the other girls etc.)
  • Photo Shooting Camp (lifestyle and action for the girls)