I know it I am one week to late but I had very busy week and didn’t find time to write down my news.
So I for those who didn’t see it on Facebook or Instagram, I raced last week in Schladming the IXS European race.  I really like Schladming track so I didn’t want to miss this date. At the same time was Crankworx Europe in Les Gets so I was a bite torn, but at the end I think I made the right decision because I had so much fun, felt good on my Norco bike and found myself in the top 10 spot. I didn’t have the perfect run because I messed up the wood section but it is a tricky section and I saw on videos most of the riders had some troubles there so I am still happy about my result. Petra Bernhard won the race with a big advantage. Congratulations to her.

If you want to know more details continue here…..

So and this weekend I raced the National Champs in „Brandnertal“ in the west west of Austria. That’s why I didn’t write any Schladming news. I worked until Wednesday evening and drove until 1 o’clock. Slept somewhere before the Austrian border in my van and continued my journey in the morning. Just half an hour before I arrived I had to stop and slept another hour. When I am getting tired I start to shake my head and then I know I can’t drive one minute longer.. so even if I was nearly there it is always better when I stop.

I had the whole day anyway for training. Okay not the whole day because my breaks didn’t work. So I had to lent some from friends (Thanks to Julian and thanks to Lisa Kreuzer helping me out) another aspect why I love DH riding so much. Everyone helps everyone. You have a mechanical no problem. You need someone who shows you the fast lines, no problem. You need someone to follow and get the right pace for the take off, no problem. Or you are a hungry, no problem. We are not many racers in Austria, which I really don’t understand considering the fact that we have so many tracks and so nice hight mountains. Or maybe exactly that is the reason… you don’t have to race to enjoy the tracks.. or because we don’t have an austrian DH cup.

The track was one of the hardest I have ever ridden but at the same time one of the enjoyable one. When I did the track walk I didn’t think that I will do all the jumps but at the end I did them all and it felt great. I was my own national champ already on friday 🙂  And it was nice to ride with Simone and Birgit, we helped each other and the company helped me to push my limits even further.

The only negative thing I can say about the weekend is that I made two mistakes in my final run, which I didn’t do in practice.

1st Simone Weichselberger
2nd Me
3rd Kathrin Wutte