//////// vždycky ///////

It is always my pleasure to come back to this place- the Kalnica Bikepark. It is very unique. You have a small hill  a short lift and I call it the little Whistler. You find a pumptrack, a Dual pumptrack, a small jump line, a big jump line, a jump Donwhill track, …. in total 17 Tracks. And every year they creating something new. Not surprisingly is that the event THE BIKEFEST is a blast and for sure you should miss it. So didn’t we.
Motivated I registered for 4 events – the Pumptrack – the Dual Pumptrack – the Dual Slalom and the Downhill. The first two I raced with my hardtail and the third with my Range and the DH with my new Aurum.
The weather was great a good and a very good friend of mine came to watch me and ride her bike …
So my first two races were on Friday. In the Pumptrack a finished 2nd behind an BMX girl Kristina Madarasova and at the Dual Pumptrack I finished 3rd. The first two spot got Jana Horakova and Kirstina.
On Saturday I race in the evening the Dual Slalom. I liked the track and the first straight was quite tricky to be honest, maybe that’s why I was the only woman who raced this race. I don’t know… But I could race in the finals in men class and I ended up 57 from 70. It was a very crazy race and so many people came to watch us. I even thought I will hit a spectator because they leant so much over the tapes.
On Sunday I rolled out of the Van (we slept in the car) and I felt that I can’t talk my self out of it that I am getting old. These moments make me wish I were twenty once more… or better not or yes ? hmmm I don’t know. Do you know?
Anyway at the qualification I was a bit tired from competing two days in a row, pushing the bike up a lot, riding many laps and standing at the lift line in the sun – get roasted. So I took it easy and focused on the final run. I pedaled hard and tried to gain more exit speed at every turn at the end I got about 2 seconds faster but the others too so at the end I missed the podium by one second and placed 5th. It was alright for me ….ah now I know a pro from being old…you took it much easier when you don’t win and you enjoy more if you do.
My next stop will be the IXS European cup downhill in Schladming (17-19 June).
Thanks to Norco Bikes / Maxxis/ Acros/ Sixpack Racing/ Dirty/ HT Components and Novatec Wheels for this new beauty.

And thanks to my boyfriend Christian Fessl for the pictures.